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Free Japanese Calligraphy

Welcome to Free Japanese Calligraphy, a free Japanese calligraphy (書道 Shodō) resource! True Japanese calligraphy is an ancient and beautiful art form. Please feel free to browse this site and download the pieces of your choice. All works were drawn by a Japanese Shodō Master.

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About Us

Too often we see Japanese calligraphy used improperly, and so we decided to offer our art work for free. It is our hope that this free online reference will reduce the amount of improperly drawn Shodō, as well as limit the inaccurate translations that we see on tattoos, posters, stock photos, websites, and more. The internet is an incredible resource, but many people tend to accept what they see online without question, especially when they are unfamiliar with the subject. A poor translation or bad drawing of Shodō or Kanji can completely distort the meaning of the writing and take away from the nature of this striking art form. We want everyone who wishes to use Japanese calligraphy to get to know how beautiful REAL Japanese calligraphy can be.

You can trust our site to provide accurate Shodō, as all of our works are drawn by Eiko, a true Japanese Shodō Master, certified by "Nihon Shodō Kyokai (Japan Shodō Association)". You will find Eiko’s delicate work to be both beautiful and sophisticated. In fact, her Gago (pseudonym) is "Suisen(水扇)" which means "Fan of Water".

Please check back often for updates both here and on our Facebook page. We will upload new Shodō drawings regularly.

Want to learn more about Shodō? Click here for the history and forms of Japanese calligraphy.


Terms Of Use

All works contained on this website are free of charge for both commercial and personal use, but making goods such as Tshirts or cups with our works are not allowed. While you do not have to credit our site, we would love to see the ways in which you use the art work! Please feel free to contact us on our Facebook page with any questions or to share the ways in which you used our Shodō!